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Welcome to my blog!

I am located in the lovely south Okanagan in Oliver, BC.  I am a mommy to three beautiful children and wife to an incredible man.  I love Jesus and seek to be a light to others.  I am passionate about “capturing” my life the way I see it, beautiful and blessed.    Photographing my family’s everyday has helped me be more thankful for my own life and the world around me. Yes, the days can be long but they are going by so fast.  Photography has helped me slow down and appreciate the little things in my life.  There are so many details that I want to remember and treasure forever.    I don’t intend to paint an unrealistic picture of life, one that is all roses and perfect. My life is not in any way perfect.  I struggle and face challenges just life everyone else.  However, I have chosen to focus on the beautiful aspects of my life.  Those moments that make my heart ache with joy, that make my heart skip a beat, or just fill me with gratitude.  Some days this is easy, other days it takes a concentrated effort.  I fully believe that thankfulness is much more than just a word or “feeling” it is something that takes practice, effort and focus.  For me, photography has been the greatest way for me to practice thankfulness.  It has made me look at the world around me in a different light, I now naturally see in composed frames.  Not only is the act of photography a practice of thankfulness, but editing photos, going back on my blog and  looking at prints all create a very grateful heart.  I’ve come to realize that picking up my camera is most important on the hardest days.  When the kids won’t cooperate, when the weather is horrible or when everything just seems to be going wrong.  There is always something to be thankful for, God is always good.  The everyday is beautiful and captivating.   My hope is that this blog will help inspire others to see the beauty in their own lives.

I pick up my camera almost everyday and love photographing the simple details in life.  I also love creative photography projects that help me grow as an artist. I am passionate about not only photographing my children but also playing with my children and actively being a part of their lives.  I want my photos to be wonderful because of the meaning that’s associated with them and the memories that they hold.  I want to remember the walks through the woods, reading together at home, playing in the family room, outings to favourite shops, etc.

Best Piece of Photography Related Advice:

Shoot what you love!  Don’t start a business right away because it seems like the thing to do, then you’ll be shooting what others want you to shoot.   Really take the time to learn the craft and find what inspires your heart. *I’ve been intentionally learning and living photography for the past 2.5 years.  I know what I love and what I don’t.

What Inspires Me:

Light, my family, real emotion and everyday life

I shoot with a Canon Mark iii and love my 50mm f/1.4 prime lens and a variety of other lenses.

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