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Almost One

2D6A1694 blogI’ve been especially reflective these days. After all, a year ago we were living in the Ronald MacDonald house awaiting the birth of our baby.  We had a lot of questions and really didn’t know what to expect.  Fast forward a year and that seems like almost a lifetime ago.  Yet I remember it all like it was yesterday.  Our little Maleena is doing incredibly well.  She is healthy (as far as we can tell), developing as she should be, happy and easy going. She eats everything, drinks regular milk, crawls, stands, goes up and down stairs and plays happily.  She is true joy and we are beyond blessed to have her in our family.  Ready for time to slow down a little.

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Thank you to Sarah for helping me out with these images.

Rachelle - Love it!

Sandra - Truly God’s Blessing! What a cutie!

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