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Winter at the Goat Farm

Hillside Dreams Goat Dairy

I hadn’t seen my brother Barrie, Merel and little Mattias since the summer.  We won’t see them this Christmas when we go to Abbotsford (they just had over 100 goat kids be born) and spring just felt like too far away.  David had to work on Monday so he couldn’t come, so I packed up the kids on Sunday morning and we headed out for a quick 24 hour trip to Salmon Arm. We got there at 11 am and had a wonderful winter day at the farm. Thankfully the kids were great and the roads were fine. It was totally worthwhile and we made some new special memories.

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Once the babies went for a nap the rest of us went for a little walk at the back of the property (with a baby monitor) and the kids did some sledding.  Snow covered evergreen trees, golden light shining through the glistening branches and the sound of children’s laughter…it was magical.  Apparently our kids favourite food is snow (and mangoes).

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Mattias was playing with his tractor in the last bit of light of the day.  Of course I had to get some special photos of this adorable little birthday boy.  I can’t  believe he’s one already!

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Thanks for the fun visit Barrie, Merel and Mattias!

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