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Back to School Photos (In the Apple Orchard)

Back To School Photos-3bSarah is going into grade two this year.

Hair always in her face, apple eating, sweet girl.  Amazing how much she has grown this past year!Back To School Photos-2bCalvin is going into grade one.

The photo of him reaching for an apple was his idea (so proud).  Love his big smile with one missing tooth!Back To School Photos-1bLauren is going into her second year of preschool.

This girl just wouldn’t stop eating apples (so typical), impossible to get a shot of her without her mouth full.

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Maleena is almost 6 months old!


The lace piece in the pics of Maleena is actually a table cloth that my grandma crocheted for David and I as our wedding gift.  I knew before Maleena was even born that I wanted to incorporate it into some pics of her somehow.  My grandma also crocheted the little hat that Maleena is wearing (although it was made for Sarah many years ago).  Maleena’s middle name is Kate (named after my grandma). Sadly, my grandma passed away several years ago while we were living in Ontario. I am so thankful for all the little hand made reminders that we have of my grandma.  I hope that these images will be seen as a gift to Maleena once she’s older.  My grandma was an incredible woman who could crochet and sew like no one else I know.

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Wow, how blessed are we to have these four amazing children!?!  They have enriched our lives beyond measure and we are forever grateful.  Grade 2, Grade 1 and second year Preschool…crazy how fast the time is going by!  With the start of school just days away, I have been cherishing these last few days at home with our littles.

Josée - OH these are so cute!!!

Sonya - Beautiful back-to-school photos! And I love that Maleena got in on the action too. 🙂

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