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Family Camping Trip 2015

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We had such a great turn out for this years Peters family “camping” trip!  I didn’t take a ton of photos but wanted to post a bunch of the snapshots that I did take.  We had such a great time with family!  There were shared meals, evening outdoor movies, games, beach time, river floats, the Penticton farmers market, hikes, etc.  I enjoyed swimming with my cousin Debbie (beautiful night swim under the stars and a swim to the end of the lake during a wind/ rain storm) as well as a gelato outing with Libby and Merel (sisters through love). Not to mention all the little chats and quality time enjoyed with family.  There is always something special that happens at overnight events with people. I’m not sure if it’s the late night chats and game play, the morning coffee chats or just all the little inbetween non scheduled moments; all I know is that these events have been so special and impacting in the way that relationships have deepened and developed through the years. I am so grateful that we are a family that doesn’t just reflect on past memories but actively seeks to create new ones.   I have come to believe that it’s for this reason that so many of us are still so close or perhaps even closer than we were years ago.  The effort made is so worth it, and it’s fun!  When I see our kids playing with cousins, cousins kids, aunts, uncles other family members my heart is so full.  These memory building family events are such a gift to our kids, so wonderful that they already see such great value in family.  Truly thankful for each and every person in our family! This years family camping trip was such a highlight in our summer, already looking forward to next year!

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Happy first birthday Hannah! We love you!

Sonya - I so treasure this time we always get to spend with family. It is a priceless gift.

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