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Oliver BC Couple Photographer: Jon & Laura

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We’ve been friends for nearly ten years, seriously how has it been that long!?!  So thankful for so many past memories together, present experiences and plans for future memory making.  We haven’t lived in the same city for seven years now but have always valued each other and our friendship.  Friends that stand the test of time are special and amazing.  So grateful to be on life’s journey with these two and their kiddos.  We put the kids down to bed on the early side and headed out for a little photo shoot together.  I will be photographing a wedding coming up and wanted to practice a few things, thankful that Jon and Laura were happy to spend some time with me and my camera.

Jon and Laura have been married for more than 10 years, they have three kids (two on earth and one in heaven), they have gone through different jobs/ businesses, homes, etc.  They have experienced many mountains and valleys in the past 10 years, they have gone through good stuff, bad stuff and just sad stuff.  However, when I look at these two people all I see are two people in love doing life together.  I have been encouraged and challenged in the way that they continue to be intentional with one other.  They love fiercely with gentle hearts.  They are real and honest, they don’t sugar coat life but they do their best to make it as sweet as possible.  I am so honoured to be your friend; David and I are so grateful to have couple friends like you.  I hope that these images are a visual reminder of the amazing relationship and love that you share.  Real, standing the test of time, good days and bad days… LOVE.

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*You may have noticed a tattoo of little birds on Laura’s wrist, these are a visual reminder of their firstborn, Josias (their precious angel baby).  I love that Laura got a special tattoo to honour Josias’ memory and wanted to be sure to include it in some of their images.  I’ve written about Josias in the past, if you’re curious feel free to read this post.  Even though we were never able to meet this precious little soul, he has impacted our lives and we are so grateful.  Jon and Laura have since been blessed with two adorable girls as well.

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