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BC Goat Dairy: Hillside Dreams

BC Goat Dairy 7

Last month I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon in Salmon Arm photographing Barrie, Merel and little Mattias at their goat dairy.  Benita Baerg was writing an article on their first generation goat diary for Country Guide magazine and I had the honour of taking the photographs to go along with the article.  Be sure to check out the full article here by Benita Baerg in Country Guide magazine, page 32.

A sweet smiling baby boy, a hard working and loving family, cute goats, red barns, great light… it was such a great afternoon!  I love hearing people’s stories; spending time with people that are passionate about what they do is incredibly inspiring and enjoyable.  Barrie and Merel are not lacking passion when it comes to goat farming.  They are all in when it comes to their goat farm and it shows.  The place was spotless and every goat was healthy and happy looking.  Every goat has a name, even the new ones that won’t be sticking around for a very long time.  I’m sure that everyone that visits their goat farm thinks about taking a goat home, if only for a moment.  I have always loved how much personality goats have, the are truly sweet and yet funny creatures.  If you buy goat cheese or milk, chances are that some of that milk has come from Barrie and Merel’s farm, Hillside Dreams Goat Dairy.

*Be sure to read Benita’s article in Country Guide, it’s truly wonderful!!

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BC Goat Dairy 18

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BC Goat Dairy 17b

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Thanks for a truly wonderful afternoon Barrie and Merel!

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