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The Painted Chair: Oliver Thrift Shop

The Painted Chair  Oliver 5Around every corner there are people painting, some are chatting and others are in the kitchen baking. This is a happy place.  Abilities are celebrated and people have goals and focus.  The Painted Chair is unlike any other shop that I’ve been to.  There’s a part of me that hesitates even sharing about this special place because a part of me would love to keep this little secret all to myself.  But I’m going to try to be kind and share about what makes this place so awesome.  If I were to pick my favourite business in Oliver, this is it hands down.

The Painted Chair sells used painted furniture.  The pieces are unique, vibrant and lovely! All of the profits from the furniture go to the employee that paints the piece.  Therefore, if John paints a chair, his name is put on the tag and the profits go back to him. The majority of the employees at the Painted Chair have developmental disabilities and most would have a difficult time being employed elsewhere.  The people at The Painted Chair believe in people and what they can do instead of what they can’t.  Oh how this speaks to my heart!  People with disabilities have been a part of my life in some kind of way for a very long time.  Many of the people in my extended family have worked in group homes  in supportive care roles for many years. My husband David was a support worker with people with disabilities for seven years before getting into the wine industry.  People are people and all people deserve to be treated fairly and with love.  Each time I walk into The Painted Chair I can feel the love and support between the staff.  People believing in each other.

Obviously I love what this shop is doing and how they value their employees, but the other awesome bit is that they paint lovely furniture. I have bought three items for our home already and each time I visit the shop I must circle the furniture pieces at least three times since I really want to buy something (even if nothing seems perfect for our place).  All of the furniture is priced super reasonably as well and the best part is the repainting is already finished so I don’t have to do any more work.

The Painted Chair is on Sawmill road in Oliver.  They are open Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 9am-12pm. On the day that I stopped by several local artists were at The Painted Chair working with the employees and painting special chairs together.

The Painted Chair  Oliver 8The Painted Chair  Oliver 1The Painted Chair Oliver 18The Painted Chair  Oliver 10The Painted Chair  Oliver 11The Painted Chair  Oliver 3The Painted Chair  Oliver 2The Painted Chair  Oliver 7The Painted Chair  Oliver 13The Painted Chair Oliver 19The Painted Chair  Oliver 17The Painted Chair  Oliver 4The Painted Chair recently added a kitchen to the shop.  They serve baked treats!

The Painted Chair Oliver 20The Painted Chair  Oliver 9

The shop also sells a variety of used clothing and accessories.

The Painted Chair  Oliver 152D6A6947e 900The Painted Chair  Oliver 16

*I was not paid for this post or the images I took at the shop. I simply believe in small businesses, supporting local and helping to promote people doing good things.  This is the second post of several that I will do to help support local shops/ businesses here in Oliver.

bea - thank you for sharing your little secret, Shari!! looking forward to taking a peek there!

tara and ron hovanes - Thank you so much for your words, they have us in tears! You have described us to the tea and we will share this with our social workers, staff and families. Your pictures and words are a living tribute to the efforts of the individuals that we serve!

All the best and hug!

Tara and Ron

Nancy Osborne - This shop looks great. I love it when people have new innovative ideas. Next time I’m in the Okanagan I will visit you!

ann seeley - I purchased a table for my daughter with you guys and was very pleased and so was she it looks very nice in her new home …….

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