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I took the girls out this evening to take some photos for their new room. Since we are going to Costco in a couple of days (where I print enlargements) the pressure was on to get this done asap.  This little spot is literally on the side of the road, a place that I drive by every single day and just one minute from our house.  The funny thing is that I never even noticed it until a week ago. When driving by it doesn’t look like much at all, but a few steps out of the vehicle the whole landscape looks totally different and there is a magnificent view of the river below.  The cliff that you can see in the background (especially in the last two images) is called McIntyre Bluff and is an iconic symbol here in Oliver.  I’ve been looking for a “grand” backdrop for images for over a month already for a photo challenge group that I am a part of, who knew that it was right outside my door and I didn’t even know it.  Love these images of Sarah and Lauren!  Such keepers for sure, they totally melted me with their love for one another.

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