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When you live in a Campground…

2D6A6600e 900It can be hard to figure out what to do on a long weekend.  Last weekend we were in Vancouver so that option was out.  In the end we decided to stay in Oliver and “camp” at home.  We had hot dogs and snacks on the front deck while we watched all the RV’s and trailers pull into the campground (they all have to drive past our house).  We played Go Fish and just enjoyed family time.  I sure do treasure these “heart full” moments.  None of these photos are remotely  beautiful or inspiring in the photography sense of the term.  However they are beautiful to me in the moments captured, the perfect in the imperfect.  Food on faces, school shirts, track day face paint, the way Calvin doesn’t seem to mind his ears folded under his hat, cackle laughing, random food eating goodness.  Summer is coming and we’re all super excited!

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Lois - Thanks for sharing, Shari….so good to see your family enjoying quality time. Everyone looks relaxed and happy. What a sweetie little Maleena is…..

Sonya - These photos make me want to jump in my car and rush on over to be part of the fun. 🙂 I love your family!

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