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The Best News

2D6A6521e 900This past Friday we were at Children’s Hospital for Maleena’s first follow up ultrasound and specialist appointments since her surgery.  We were beyond thrilled to learn that she is “thriving” in every way.  Her body seems to be emptying her bladder, therefore her kidneys are changing shape (in a good way) since there is much less pressure in her kidneys and bladder.  We were able to check out of RMH after just being there for one night.  We don’t have to go back for 3 months which is amazing, since we were last told that we would need to return every 4-6 weeks unless there was some kind of major change.  Praise God!  We are beyond thankful for such great news.

Diane Martens - Wow! This is just a marvelous answer to prayer. I have so many people with health issues on my prayer list, and sometimes it seems that there is very little good news. I am thrilled along with you.

everydaylittlemoments - Thanks Diane! We have so appreciated all your love, support and prayers for Maleena. Yes, God is good!

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