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I’ve never been in a place where lilacs have been as abundant as here in Oliver, they literally line several of the streets.  I’ve always loved lilacs.  When I was a child there was a lilac bush on the edge of our yard and I still remember helping my mom take clippings of the lilacs to bring inside.  I love how fragrant they are as well as the nostalgic feeling I get from them. I’ve been eyeing these lilac bushes and the stone arch across the road for nearly two weeks already and after much pleading finally got Sarah to head out with me on a 15 minute photo adventure.  We thought the hat was fun and a good addition to the images.  Sarah had the idea of filling it with the lilacs that she was picking.

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natalie.klassen-krause@gmx.de - Do you kow, you could made pink lilac-limonade?

Sonya - Beautiful photos! I love that hat on Sarah.

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