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4 Kids in a Bed

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Today was one of those lovely quiet, happy Sunday mornings.  These really don’t happen very often at all, so they are something to be treasured when they do occur.  I had a lovely leisurely breakfast, the full fruit, omelet and tea kind (seriously, what’s that right!?!).  After I was done I went back to our room to discover this little beauty just doing this.  She had pooped through her sleeper earlier and I had just left her in a diaper and blanket on our bed.  I took some photos and after a couple of minutes the rest of the kiddos had to join us.

*Disclaimer: The sweet loveliness lasted for a treasured 5ish minutes and then things got a bit crazy and ended with everyone watching “Baby Jake” (a strange Irish kids show) on our bed.  Just got to enjoy those few awesome beautiful moments for what they are.  Once I sent the crazies away, I enjoyed a few more peaceful moments photographing Maleena.

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Mom - Oh Shari – Maleena is just so beautiful! – Love the craziness , just makes me miss those little darlings so much! 🙂

katherine wight - Your little Maleena looks so peaceful and content! Love your photos, Shari. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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