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Our Sweet Baby Girl

2D6A3308e 900Today I took advantage of Maleena’s content sleepy state to get some photos of her in our hospital room.  It’s been nice having some extra time in the hospital just to enjoy her without any of her excited siblings around.   I am treasuring the time to be able to just marvel at her sweet expressions, sounds and baby goodness.  Babies are amazing.  Knowing that this is our last, I really want to savor every moment.

If you haven’t read Maleena’s birth story, you can do so here.   I’ve also included a bit of a medical update at the bottom of this post.

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Medical Update:  Maleena had more testing today which gave the doctors a better idea of what was going on with her kidneys.  At the moment the focus is making sure that the left kidney is working well enough.  She had x rays done and had a dye inserted through a catheter to see where her urine was going.  At the moment it looks like the ureterocele is causing too much blockage and will need to be removed (not a surprise).  Since Maleena is still so young and small, the doctors would like to continue to monitor her and ideally wait another month before conducting the surgery.  This means that we will all (including Maleena) be spending at least another week or so at the Ronald McDonald House until another ultrasound, blood work, etc can be done.  If the doctors are happy with how stable she is, then we will return back to Oliver for a couple of weeks before coming back down for surgery.  Overall we feel happy with this news. It’s not unexpected and we’re happy that the doctors are not rushing surgery but are truly looking out for Maleena’s best interest.  While it’s a bit of an inconvenience to stay here, leave and come back again for another stay, we are happy to do it knowing that it’s what’s best for our baby girl.

*As always, keep in mind that things can change at a moment’s notice.  This is how life looks today, we always know that things can easily change day to day.

Thank you to everyone for your congratulations, well wishes, kindness and prayers!  We have felt truly loved and supported through this time.

Sandra - God is good! My prayers for you and your precious baby girl have been on going since you left for the hospital. I live in the same park as you do, and I walk by your home everyday, saying a prayer for you and your family. I told your husband,that I would keep my eyes on your place, and everything looks safe.

God grant you health, strength, and patience.

Caroline Siemens - Dave and Shari, your little girl is just so cute….I love the cheeks and her little grin in the one pic so adorable…What a treasure, as you said being the last one to have you will cherish your holding times more and just stare at her little face in amazement. Its always so incredible to see how she was wonderfully made in side you, crazy eh? Will continue to pray for her and that the doctors will do what needs to be done, when its the best time…..she will be loved those siblings of hers so much….congrats again on a beautiful addition…..

Anna - She is absolutely beautiful Shari. I love her name too 🙂 Keeping you and your new bundle in our thoughts …

Jennifer - So excited to see your post with pics and smiles, she’s beautiful!

Rachelle - Love, Love, Love. Beautiful images, beautiful baby girl.

Sonja D - So beautiful. Maleena is absolutely precious. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Barrie - Love the photos, she is such a cute kid! Always thinking and praying for that little girl. Hope to see you soon!

Bev Johnston - She is BEAUTIFUL! What a treat to see these pics that show her expressions etc. She looks very healthy. Glad she is getting the best of care. God is in control. He will work things out for her and your family.

Josee - She is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you and your family 🙂

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