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It’s a Girl! The birth story of Maleena Kate

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To all of you that have been anxiously awaiting the news of our little one, thank you for your love and patience.  We were originally going to be induced his past Wednesday however there was no space in labour and delivery, so we were just on call all day.  In the end we were told to wait until Thursday morning since I didn’t want to come in at 10pm on Wednesday to get things started. I ended up going into labour naturally early Thursday morning at 4:30am.  We headed to the hospital at 6am since our team of doctors wanted me to at the hospital when contractions were consistently 10 minutes apart.

My water was broken later in the morning but contractions didn’t seem to pick up in number or intensity.  We did a lot of walking the halls, sitting and waiting.  I find time to pass by strangely when in labour.  While I was thankful to not be in intense pain I was ready to get the show on the road already.  The resident doctor suggested that I start oxytocin by IV drip to speed things along. Since this makes contractions much stronger and increases the number to 4-5 per 10 minutes  (depending on how much is administered) she also suggested that I get an epidural first.  After we talked about the pros and cons for a bit (I’ve never had an epidural), it just seemed like the right thing to do.  Just after 3pm they did the epidural and started the drip.  I am still in shock that I wasn’t able to feel the pain of the contractions after that point.  AMAZING.

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Here I am just about to get the epidural…fun times!  Pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t painful in anyway.  I continued to be amazed how pain free labour became, so different than my other experiences. So this is what people have talked about and I must admit that I didn’t believe that a pain free labour was possible. Yep, pretty amazing.

Once I received the epidural, labour progressed along really fast.  David took the pic below about 10 minutes before baby was born.  We were excited to finally meet this baby.

2D6A3142e 900Our baby about to make her entrance to the world…

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At 4:45 pm with 3 pushes, our sweet baby girl, Maleena Kate Saysomsack, entered the world. She weighed 8lbs 2 oz. She ended up having her umbilical cord wrapped around her shoulder when she was emerging, therefore the doctor had to carefully cut it away as she was being born.  I was especially happy to have the epidural at this point since she had to slowly be pushed out while the doctor made sure everything was ok with her head and the cord.

I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy as our little girl was placed on my chest.  We have prayed for her for so long already and have already felt the impact of her life on ours in so many ways.  She is such a gift and we are so beyond thankful!

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Some people have been surprised that she looks totally normal and healthy.  If Maleena was born many years ago (and in reality not that many years ago), doctors would  have no idea that anything about her wasn’t healthy. We are so thankful for modern medicine and to be surrounded by a wonderful team of skilled doctors.  Maleena has been really content (especially when eating),she eats well and is thankfully passing urine well.  She is already on antibiotics twice a day to guard against bladder infections.

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Here she is just checking out life soon after she was born.

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So thankful for this man and the way that he has supported me through everything. Love you David! There is no one that I would rather have at my side.  Every child is a gift from God and the excitement hasn’t been any less with each child that we’ve had.  Can’t believe that we have four kids; crazy!

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers for our family.  We are so grateful for the love and support that has been shown to us.

Please continue to pray for Maleena.  She had an ultrasound yesterday afternoon that showed that everything with her kidneys/ ureters and bladder is how it looked on my ultrasounds.  Therefore her kidney problems continue to be seen as moderate/ severe.  This isn’t surprising at all, in fact we’re happy that things are still stable.  She will have another test on Monday and likely several more this coming week.  Right now our team of doctors and specialists are trying to gather information on what is really going on so that they can figure out what the best course of action is.  We should know more later in the week what will be happening in regards to a possible future surgery, etc.

I am currently staying in the hospital with Maleena as a “companion patient,” meaning that I am able to stay in the hospital just to be with her and make life easier with feedings.  I’ve been super thankful that I haven’t been totally discharged, which has made nursing much smoother.  I have no idea how long I’ll be able to stay with her, so I’m just thankful for each day that I get.

Our kids are currently having a great time staying with uncle Mike and auntie Rebecca.  Super thankful for family that makes these kinds of experiences fun for our kids rather than just a chore.  They will likely spend part of next week with my mom and Gord so that David and I can focus on baby Maleena and her testing.

People are welcome to come visit us here at BC Women’s hospital, however we’re not exactly sure where we’ll be or what will be happening each day (tests, etc).  We are currently in a normal recovery room, however once they decide to discharge me, baby Maleena will be put into the Intermediate nursery for further monitoring (unless they suddenly change their minds).  I will then go back to the Ronald McDonald House with David.  If you would like to come visit just get in touch first to make sure that the day/ time will work.


Carla - The tone in your words are of pure bliss and joy! I’m so amazed and touched by the pictures.

Donna Collins - Congratulations David & Shari! What a beautiful baby and gift from God. Thanks for your post. I/we continue to pray for you both and for your newest addition to your family. It’s encouraging to see God’s direction in all of this. May God’s peace reign in your hearts!!
Blessings and love,

Erika - Congratulations, Maleena is a beautiful baby girl!

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Lillian - Such beautiful photos! Such a lovely family. My heart leapt for joy, my tears brimmed as I read and I will continue to pray!


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