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The Waiting Room: A morning in the Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House 9

It didn’t take a long time to hear the word “waiting” being associated with the Ronald McDonald House.  This is a place where people have time, no one is in a rush and the days seem to involve a lot of waiting for most people.  Waiting to have a baby, waiting to find out test results of a child, waiting for surgery, waiting to recover from surgery, waiting for chemo to start, waiting to go home. It’s not surprising that we’ve heard several people joke that this is one big waiting room.

This past week we have been patiently waiting for our baby; waiting for labour to start or our induction day.  While we wait, life here just seems to go on and the hours pass; crazy that we’ve been here for three weeks already.  We eat, the kids enjoy the craft room (super thankful for the amazing volunteers that help out there each evening), we play video games and we build with Lego.  David and I have spent A LOT of hours sorting and organizing Lego into bins. We can all easily spend a few hours in the Lego lounge just building and sorting Lego.  I’m sure that David has spent more time creating with Lego than he has in his whole life.

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