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Going to a Giants Game

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Our family was thrilled to be able to go to a Vancouver Giants game this week.  Our family, along with seven others from the RMH, was picked up by the Vancouver Trolley company and brought to the game.  We watched the game from the Michael Buble suite.  The kids now have a totally unrealistic idea of what going to a hockey game is like. There were snacks and drinks already in the suite and we were all able to order a meal from Triple O’s.

We even made it onto the big screen! See that super bright green figure in the photo below? That’s Calvin in his insanely bright green hoodie!

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We were shocked when Michael Buble and his dad came into the suite to say hi to us all.

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It was such a treat to be able to get out and do something fun as a family!  So thankful for the people that help make a difference in people’s lives here.  This was definitely a memory that we will have forever.  Oh, and the Giants won.


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