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Visiting the Bloedel Conservatory

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On Valentines Day my aunt Marilyn and uncle Gene came out to spend the day with our family.  These two are so very dear to us!  We went to White Spot for lunch and then spent the afternoon at the Bloedel Conservatory (just 2 minutes away from the RMH).  It always amazes me how much time kids can spend in a place that I would have gone through in a fraction of the time. I love their curious minds and ability to just enjoy little moments.

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The kids LOVED all the birds, especially the parrots! This is Rudy, I think we must have sat and “talked” with him for at least 15 minutes.

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We’ve been loving the mild weather the last few days, such a welcome change from the rain and overcast skies.  The kids loved playing around the fountains and exploring part of the Queen Elizabeth park.

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