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Life these Days…Vancouver Bound

I’ve realized that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a life update on here, time just seems to have gone by.  This weekend we head down to the Lower Mainland where we’ll have a few days to visit with family/ friends and then make our way to Vancouver to move into the Ronald McDonald House (on the grounds of BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital).  Unfortunately, we were all hit with the 24 hour flu this week (all on different days), which has made it feel even more exhausting and challenging to get things cleaned and packed up.

There isn’t much new news about baby these days.  We’re just over 36 weeks along, so less than 4 weeks until due date.  Everything seems to be stable for the most part, which is good.   The circumference of the baby’s stomach is now larger than the head due to all the liquids in the stomach (dilated kidneys, bladder and ureters).  The doctor wasn’t overly concerned about this since the stomach is malleable due to the liquid content.  We are curious to see what the growth has been at our next appointment this coming week.  An overly large stomach is obviously not a good thing for childbirth and naturally a concern to me.  We still have no idea what things will be like and/ or what will happen once the baby is born.  The doctors will only be able to figure out what to do once baby is born and they have a clear picture of what’s really happening with the kidneys, etc.

At this point I am definitely feeling the anxiety and stress of life these days. I know it’s not surprising, but still not enjoyable to have to go through.  I don’t really feel stressed about the potential complications with baby (I know we’ll all receive the best care while at BC Women’s) but rather the logistics of moving our family for the duration of time, what that looks like, not to mention the logistics of life at the hospital once baby is born.  Today I called the RMDH and found out that our family will all be in one room, which is literally one bedroom with a bathroom.  Apparently all of the rooms are the same size, which I found surprising.  Oh well.  We’ll have a queen bed and a single bed that includes a pull out trundle bed, this means that there isn’t even enough beds for everyone in our family…stress rising…so that means that we’ll have to put a mat on the floor for one of the kids.  I was already not looking forward to having all the kids in the same room for that length of time (min 5 weeks), let alone ALL having to share a room.

Once we’re at the RMDH Sarah and Calvin are registered to attend the education program provided at the BC Children’s hospital (same grounds).  I don’t really know anything about it, except that it is in the mornings and the kids are to bring some work with them from their teachers.  So we’ll see how that all goes.  I don’t know how we’ll spend our time while at the RMDH, other than the school program and my regular appointments at the hospital.  Should be interesting.

We are so thankful for the continued prayers and the way that people have reached out to our family.  We have felt truly embraced by the community of Oliver and for that we are so grateful.  I am already starting to miss friends here and we haven’t even left yet.  On the plus side, I am looking forward to connecting with family and friends while in Vancouver.  We won’t be going out to Abbotsford for visits since we are to stay in the Vancouver area (somewhat close to the hospital) while we’re there.  I’m not sure what having visitors will look like while we’re at the RMDH but worse case scenario, we are happy to meet up with people at a nearby location.  We are hopeful that we can make the best of the situation and create some positive lasting memories during the weeks ahead.  Thanks again for your love, thoughts and prayers.

**I will try to post updates on here as often as possible. Therefore if you’re curious how we’re doing, this is the best place to check.


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