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33 Weeks…Trying to decide on a Name

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Picking out a name has been so hard for us!  In fact we still have nothing for a first name but may have decided on a middle name at least.  Up until our December appointment we wanted to have a name for both genders, but now feel confident that one will be enough (thanks to a very detailed scan image).  By the way, we’re keeping this secret to ourselves since it’s one that we didn’t want to know (doctor’s slip).  One would think that we would find picking a name easier at this point, well that hasn’t been the case.  I’ve scoured the internet name sites, we’ve read all the suggestions in several name books, etc and still can’t agree on the perfect name for this wee babe. With not a lot of time left, the pressure is on.  I really don’t want to give birth to a nameless baby, especially since we’ll have had many months to come up with something, so no excuses.

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Honestly, I have a love/ hate relationship with maternity photos.  While so many maternity images are beautiful, I have found that a lot of the trendy maternity photos floating around the internet these days just aren’t for me.  I’m talking about the flowing belly revealing dresses in fields or streets, the studio images, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, these can be stunning images, they’re just not the way I wanted to capture my own pregnancy.   I have found a lot of the trendy images from years ago to be cheesy and not for me either (ribbons with “don’t open until…” tags around a belly, baby blocks positioned on the belly, etc). Instead of posting examples, I’ll just let you use your imagination.   That said, I find pregnancy beautiful and a significant time in a woman’s life that should indeed be documented. I have hardly any photos of myself from my first three pregnancies (kind of sad) and really wanted to make sure that I was intentional to at least have a few sets of images that I appreciated from this pregnancy, especially since we plan on this being our last.  I am already thankful to have several images from this pregnancy that are special to me.   Since selecting a name has been a challenge with every pregnancy, especially this one, it seemed like a good thing to capture.  I hope to take a couple more sets of selfie lifestyle maternity photos before the end of this month.  Time is just going by so fast!

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In less than a month our family will be packing our suitcases and temporarily moving into the Ronald McDonald House on the grounds of BC Children’s & Women’s hospitals in Vancouver.    We are so grateful that our application went through successfully and that we’ll be in very close proximity to some of the best medical care in the country.  Our team of doctors wanted us to be close by at least 3 weeks before our due date ( March 3), so that’s the plan.  Even though parts of this pregnancy have felt long and challenging, I still can’t believe that our due date is just around the corner, with the relocation being even closer.

We really don’t know what to expect once we’re at the Ronald McDonald House, and since everyone has a different experience, we know that it’s something that we’ll just have to go through and discover for ourselves.   Even though I am super grateful that we get to stay in such an incredible facility, no part of me is looking forward to it.  I know that it’s relatively petty, but I wonder how comfortable the beds will be, what we’ll do all day with the kids, how meal preparation will look like and a ton of other little details.  I feel confident that the kids will enjoy the experience and will probably think we’re on a grand vacation, especially with the big play rooms in the house.  Right now I can only really handle looking  ahead to the time before the baby is born.  After that…well, we just have no clue what will happen.   We have no idea how long we’ll be at the RMH, all will depend on baby’s health.  I tell myself that everything will work out fine and that there is little to worry about, after all this is my way of coping.  And then I’ll occasionally have those bad moments where I go to that dark place in my heart where I think of the worst care scenario.  I try to not stay there long since it’s only a source of sadness and thinking about a terrible “what if” does nothing to make me feel any better.  So we try to go forward one day at a time, being hopeful and yet facing reality the best way we know how.  We are so grateful for those that continue to pray for our family and have remained a source of support and love.

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