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First Place Family Blog


Apparently my blog received a first place award in the Family/ Parenting category of the 2014 Schmutzie Canadian Blog Awards this week.  I had never heard of the these awards and don’t know when or by whom I was nominated, but am grateful nonetheless.  The awards are based on Design (usability & accessibility, functionality, interactivity, aesthetics) and Content (originality, intelligibility & clarity, updated regularly, attention to detail and how engaging it is).  Proper domain names and category fit are also taken into account (no blogspot.com, etc).  I don’t receive any special prize other than the little first place button and the knowledge that I have a good idea about how to blog well. Yahoo!

Mom - Congratulations Shari! That is really exciting! You sure deserve it. 🙂

Diane Martens - Congratulations, Sheri. I LOVE your blog and wish that you lived closer to take some pictures of us. Rarely in my life have I been pleased with any photos of me. I always look self-conscious and stiff. Your recent family photos of people out in the snow are gorgeous.

Well done!

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