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A Gingerbread House Party

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Towards the end of October my lovely friend Chelsea and I were talking about how fun it would be to have a gingerbread house party with the kids.  At the time it seemed ages away, well time seems to go by pretty fast.  Our girls are in grade one together and became friends when we first moved to Oliver a year ago.  So we decided to invite several of their other friends over for a little party to ring in the Christmas season.  It snowed the evening before the party making it one of those perfectly magical kinds of days.  We had a potluck lunch together and then the kids coloured Christmas colouring sheets while the moms and I cleaned up and set out the “gingerbread” houses.  We decided to make the houses out of graham crackers (2 days earlier) in order to make life much easier and less expensive.  I did make a large gingerbread boy/ girl for each child as well so that they had something to decorate that they could eat right away.  We all had such a great time together!  I truly cherish these kinds of memories with family and friends.

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Apparently purple was the colour of choice, didn’t even realize it until looking over the photos.

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This is Lauren’s newest photo expression.  I call it the wide eyed stunned look, yikes!

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*I made the aprons for the kids out of some fabric scraps that I received from another woman in the community. The table runner and bunting were just the scraps from the aprons (I don’t like to waste anything). It’s been the garbage bag of fabric that just keeps on giving in glorious ways.  I’ll have to write up a post of all the things I’ve made with the bag of fabric. So far I haven’t even made a dent in it and I feel like I’ve made all kinds of stuff.

The kids each brought their own candy, however ours was just saved from Halloween.  I always find the candy the expensive part for gingerbread houses, as of a couple of years ago we always just pull out candy right on Halloween night and store it away, it works perfectly!  We also used two boxes of graham crackers to build 15 houses (two spares just in case).  I broke quite a few squares when cutting the triangles, so there’s enough bits for a cheesecake base. Yum!

Thanks to Chelsea for bringing the awesome fixings for the best mocha I’ve had in ages!  So grateful for great friends to do life with, dream and create with.

Susan - Shari – what a beautiful day you must have had. The kids looks so proud and happy with their gingerbread creations. 🙂
And you made all the aprons – wow!! Amazing!

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