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Another Baby Update…

Somehow the weeks have flown by since our last Vancouver ultrasound.  We had another ultrasound today in Kelowna and I was reminded that I really do need to post some kind of an update.  Sorry it’s taken me so long.  After our second Vancouver ultrasound I felt emotionally drained and exhausted, it was good to just take the time to process everything in our own time.   I feel like I’m at a good place right now.  I’ve been enjoying life, spending time with friends, getting ready for Christmas and doing things that make my heart happy and peaceful.

Anyways, both ultrasounds have shown that everything seems to be stable, which is great news!  We are set to have scans every 2 weeks, alternating between Vancouver and Kelowna.  The Kelowna ultrasounds are done by tele health, meaning that one of our doctors in Vancouver is watching the ultrasound live and giving input to what’s happening, etc.  They receive copies of the detailed scans to go over as well.  At each ultrasound, they are specifically checking the amniotic fluid level to make sure that it isn’t decreasing.  They are also checking the size of the kidney, ureters and bladder to monitor how dilated they are and if there are any changes.  The cyst in the bladder is also being monitored to make sure that it isn’t growing and/ or getting closer to the ureter opening.  Lastly, the stomach size is checked for abnormal growth due to the enlarged kidneys and bladder.  Today’s scan showed no overall stomach enlargement and everything looked the same, which is good news.

At our last Vancouver ultrasound we were told that the plan for our pregnancy is to deliver in Vancouver. We’re so grateful that we have such an amazing team of professionals on our side and know that our baby will be in good hands.  On the flip side, this means that our entire family will likely be uprooted for a fairly long period of time.  We were told to plan to relocate to Vancouver (not Abbotsford, etc) by 36 weeks, which would be Feb 1st.   Therefore we will be in Vancouver for a month before the baby is born and for an undetermined length of time after the baby is born.  We have no idea how long this will be since there are just way too many variable to consider and all will depend on baby’s actual health at delivery.  The doctors are planning for the baby to be in the NICU after delivery to be monitored.  There is no plan for a C-Section or early delivery, as the doctors want the baby to go to full term and be a good size at birth.  At this time, the only reason that we would have a C-Section is if the baby’s stomach grows much larger than the head and a natural delivery becomes unsafe.  There are also plans in place in case the cyst grows to a size that fully obstructs the ureter opening.  I’ve decided not to worry or focus on all these what if’s, since I just don’t find it helpful.  I like being informed, but choose not to focus on every possible outcome.

Overall we’re feeling fairly good and quite hopeful about baby’s health.  We know that there is nothing that we can do but pray and live life, so that’s what we’re doing (no amount of bed rest, change of diet, etc will make a difference).  We’re super thankful that all of the “plans” for our pregnancy and baby are about delivering a living baby.  After several of our conversations at BC Women’s, this truly is something to hang on to and be thankful for.  We know that God has created this baby and has a plan for it, therefore we continue to entrust it to his care.

The hardest thing right now is facing the reality that we will most likely have to relocate to Vancouver in February and stay there for about two months or so.  We’ll have to pull the kids out of school for an extended length of time (I have no plans on home schooling during this time), we will not be driving to Abbotsford to socialize and won’t be setting up a whole bunch of get togethers.  The idea is to stay close to the hospital, attend many appointments and wait for labor.  When I spend time dwelling on this fact I feel anxious and frustrated.  I was really sad and upset about this for the first week after we found out, but now feel like I’ve found some peace in it all.  Many families have done this in the past and many more will continue to and life goes on.  This has become our reality too and I know we’ll get through it.  I’m not sure what it will look like when the time comes. We have a social worker that will be helping us figure out housing and if we qualify for any financial assistance.  There are options.  At this point, emails about possible places to stay in Vancouver aren’t really helpful (thanks but no thanks).   However, if this becomes a need, I’ll be sure to put it out there and ask.  David has already been granted permission from work to take a leave during this time, which is great.  There is still lots of time to work on the details.

We have truly appreciated all the prayers, kind messages, emails, calls, goodies, etc.  Many people have asked me what they can do for us and the answer continues to be nothing really but pray and just show love.  If there is something that we really need, I’ll be sure to say.  I am so appreciative to all of you that have poured out love on our family and reminded us of your presence in our life, whether you live near or far. Trust me when I say that it means the world to us.  I apologize if I missed getting back to an email or message, everything just felt overwhelming initially and I know that I didn’t get back to everyone. Thank you for your continued prayers, thoughts and love.

We have our next Vancouver appointment on Dec 5th.  We have decided that this will be a super quick trip down with very minimal visiting. We plan to keep the kids with us as well in order to simplify the trip; family sleepover at Michael and Rebecca’s this time around (we’re still not telling the kids what’s going on, just to hard to explain right now).  We’re trying to figure out how to make the trip without feeling as exhausted and emotionally drained by the time we get home.  We will be in Abbotsford for about a week just after Christmas where we hope to catch up on some visiting.

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