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Paper Boats, Nature, Water and a Boy: October Creativity Challenge

Oliver BC Childrens Photographer 3

I took this set of photos for a monthly challenge photography group that I’m a part of.  Each month there are several parameters/ guidelines and the rest is up to your own creativity and imagination (leave a comment or message me if you would like to join the group). This month the set of images needed to feature a boy, be set in nature, include something handmade and have a carefree/ imaginative feeling.  I figured out what I wanted to do really early on but life just didn’t seem to make this one easy on me.  But it’s a challenge, and part of rising to a challenge is rolling with what comes your way and making the most of what you have.  Therefore these images are definitely not exactly what I originally had in mind but do capture my boy in a way that I want to remember. After all it’s moments like this that I want to remember.  It’s always a bit crazy getting out the door and getting to our destination with all three kids but so worth it once we’re there.  I love being intentional and taking opportunities to just focus on one child at times.  It makes my heart happy when I know they feel special and have all my attention (even with the others around).  We ended up having a great time at the creek and even got to watch the salmon going down the creek.  We had to be careful to stay at the edge, no rock throwing today.  I love fall and I love where we live.  There is such peace and yet adventure that can be found here.

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Susan - I love how you take your kids on adventures on a regular basis. They are so blessed to have such a wonderful Mom who is also an amazing photographer!

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