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Thanksgiving Weekend 2014


We had such a great Thanksgiving weekend this year!  I’ve learned that I much prefer having company come to us for several days of quality time versus racing around to a bunch of different gatherings.  This was definitely one of my most memorable and enjoyable Thanksgiving’s yet.  My mom and Gord came up for the weekend, along with Gord’s boys Chris, Bryan and David.  Along with having a full Thanksgiving dinner, we had fun enjoying each others company doing all kinds of activities.  There really isn’t a ton to do in Oliver, but we found lots of enjoyable free entertainment that seemed to fill up the days and make time go a little too quickly.  Of course we had to go apple picking while they were here.  The apple harvest is almost completely over, so with most of the orchards already picked, we were given the go ahead to pick the remaining apples.  There were A LOT!  Just like last year, we didn’t even make a dent in it.

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We stopped at Burrowing Owl for a little visit/ tour with David (he had to work half days all weekend).


Back home for turkey dinner!

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On Sunday morning we all went to church in mom and Gord’s (new to them) RV.  After turkey Borscht for lunch, we went to Covert Farms to play.


We had to forage for nuts before we left… not sure what we’ll do with them. We have several boxes of chestnuts as well, the kids just love collecting nuts and are determined to “sell them to people.” No idea who.


After a little time at home and dinner, it was time for skating…  So good to have so many extra adults on  hand to help.


More eating (apple crisp and leftover pumpkin cheesecake), games and a movie that evening.  On Monday we spent the day at home, by the lake, at the playground, playing video games, etc.

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Thanks for the visit everyone!!  We had an awesome weekend with you all; come again soon! So thankful to have gained three extra brothers when our parents got married!

We truly have so much to be thankful for!  Thankful for an awesome God that loves us and truly gave us everything he could.  Thankful for a loving husband, wonderful children, a baby on the way, a great family and so many incredible friendships.  I could really go on and on but you get the idea, just so grateful!

Sonya - What a perfect weekend! You got some really terrific photos. (Paige tried to convince Gary to head towards Oliver instead of Kamloops on our way home from the coast on Saturday but he wouldn’t go for it.)

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