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Apple Picking: Wheat Canada Clothing

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Last week we received a wonderful collection of clothing for the kids from Wheat Canada kids clothing.  Wheat Canada is a Danish company (new to Canada) that manufactures stylish yet play worthy clothing for children.  When thinking of where to photograph the kids in one of their Wheat Clothing outfits, I thought that an apple orchard would be perfect.  The kids are all about doing and playing, so this was fun!  All of the kids remarked how cozy and comfortable their outfits were…so a big thumbs up!  All of the pieces are really well made, with great attention to details. I was relieved that all of the pants had cinching in the waist since all of my kids are on the thin side.  I love the variety of soft colours, quality fabrics and textures.  These days I find that so many of the kids clothes in the store have large graphics and logos. While these may be fun, they are definitely not very photo friendly since they pull the eye away from the child and towards the brightly coloured graphic.  We were all thrilled with the clothes from Wheat Canada!   We had a great time picking apples at a lovely farm just minutes down the road from where we live. It’s got to be impossible not to love fall in the south Okanagan/ Oliver.

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Sonya - I think you might possibly have the cutest kids ever!

bea - um, ya, so beautiful! all of it!! i (KyLia) might need those pants sarah is wearing 🙂 gonna head to their website to see a close up!

Rebecca - Ok
#1 of course lauren is eating the fruit, that kid loves her fruit.
#2 Lauren in that scarf! are you kidding me?
#3 I love calvin in plaid.
#4 Do sarah’s pants come in my size? Those are awesome!

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