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2014-15 School Photos

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Last year I went against my better judgement (and David’s advice) and ordered a small set of school photos for Sarah.  It just seemed like it was the thing to do.  However, they were boring and disappointing, not to mention expensive for just a few prints.  Regret. So by August I knew that I was going to take my own photos of the kids.  When I came across this adorable little vintage desk I knew exactly what I was going to do with the kids. I was really hoping for some lovely back lighting but by the time we ate dinner and got out of the house we missed the sun by 2 minutes. Oh well, everyone was excited to take school photos so we made it happen.  So glad I did this rather than follow the crowd and get those blue background photos (don’t even get me started on the other background options these days..eeek). These are so much more fun and I love how they actually show more of my kids personalities!  The hard part is going to be which ones to print and hand out.

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After we were all done the super quick photo shoot Calvin wanted to take my photo too.  Well, it’s only fair after I take theirs.. so here I am at 17.5 weeks.

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Sonya - Really, really great photos Shari. And you’re right…they are so much more interesting & fun than regular school photos.

Andrea - Those are awesome Shari!!! LOVE it all. Can’t wait to take photos with you 🙂

Benita - These are AMAZING, Shari! You have such an eye!

Bev Johnston - Terrific pics! Love them all!

Donna Phillips - beautiful photos of you and your adorable kids! So much better than those school photos!!!

Barrie - Great photos! And funny kids!

Heather Lee - I love these!!! You really captured some awesome images. I hope you print a lot of them! 🙂 And the belly is fantastic!

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