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Calvin’s First Day of Kindergarten

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It seems so crazy that this little man is off to school already!  I must admit that I’ve been a little worried about him. After all, he’s our home body that would be content just to play and ride his bike all day.  I was pleasantly surprised how happy he was to go to school today.  He just waltzed right in there, put his stuff in his cubby, did his attendance and sat down at the puzzles. I couldn’t help but wonder what the heck was happening.  When did my little boy grow up? He told me I could leave and gave me a little wave.  So I did.  Since it was only one hour of school I sat in the van and read a book (Lauren was in preschool). Bliss. I think I’m really going to enjoy this year. Really hoping that all three kids have an awesome year at school!!  I have pics of the others too, but thought I would give them each their own post.

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We were both laughing at how easy all of the puzzles were.  This was the hardest puzzle that the teacher had put out, Calvin thought this was pretty funny.  He finished up three puzzles in the few minutes that I was there.  Now printing is another story…oh well…in time.

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