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Drench Rainwear- Puddles and Parks

Drench Raingear 9w

Several weeks ago we received super cute raincoats from Drench Rain wear (Weaver Distribution) in Vancouver.  As much as we love the sun, we were excited for some rain this past week so that the kids could try out their new raincoats.  I’ve always been a sucker for cute rain coats and these didn’t disappoint.  Pretty lightweight outer fabrics with a warm fully lined inside.  They had lovely detail stitching and cute detailed pockets.  The kids seemed to love the inner cuffs in the sleeves and were constantly putting their hands inside the sleeves since they were warm and cozy (you can see the inner cuff on the above photo on Sarah’s coat).

We had to put the coats to the kid test, so we explored Lion’s Park in Oliver, the bridge over Tinhorn creek and got in some puddle jumping before heading home.

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