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Sarah can ride a bike!

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This evening I helped Sarah practice riding bike. Calvin has been without training wheels for almost a year already but Sarah just wasn’t nearly as keen.  Part of the problem was that she didn’t have her own bike or one that fit well. My mom got her a bike this week, but unfortunately it was way too big for her.  So I decided that she should just learn to ride Calvin’s in the meantime and we’ll just have to get another one that actually fits her.  After just 10 minutes she was on her way!  After 25 minutes she was doing loops around the field/ playground and having a great time.  It was so sweet to see Calvin trying to help her and cheer her on.  Learning to ride a bike in a campground is actually kind of ideal, lots of paved roads and people cheering her along the whole way.  I am so.. proud of Sarah!  Looking forward to lots of family bike rides in the future!

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Rebecca - I LOVE the one of calvin runnin along beside her. So precious!

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