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Sunshine Festival and Oliver Ambassador Buddy

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Today was the Oliver Sunshine Festival Parade.  Last night we got a call that Sarah was selected as one of the Oliver ambassador buddies. When I entered her in the draw I didn’t really know what an ambassador is (still not really sure).  All I knew was that the winners got to be in the parade.  Sarah had mentioned that she would love to be in a parade, so I figured why not, may as well enter.    I’ve really been intentional in trying to  teach the kids the importance of trying and entering contests, etc if there is something that they want.  If you don’t try or enter you don’t have a chance.  This seems to really be sticking with Sarah (it helps that she’s actually won a number of contests already).  Well…she was beyond thrilled when she got the news that she was going to be in a parade.  We dropped her off at the fire station in the morning where she got her tiara and sash (more awesomeness for any little girl).  It was so fun to be able to watch her in the parade. She was beaming the whole time.  Definitely an experience to remember.  After the parade the fire truck dropped the kids off at the community centre where they were introduced on the stage.  Big moments for our little girl.

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