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Kenyon Park, Okanagan Falls

Kenyon Park OK Falls-2e 900

Today it was nice and hot (but not too hot) so we spent the afternoon at Kenyon Park in Okanagan Falls (just 10 minutes away).  We were pleasantly surprised with the lovely beach and expansive shallow water, not to mention the splash pad and playground all right next to each other.  The kids had fun enjoying all that the park had to offer.  I had fun digging trenches in the sand with the kids and playing in the water.  I continue to be amazed how much I enjoy watching them express their joy in life.  So grateful for this life we’re living, once again… it was a great day to be alive.   We seriously live in an incredible place!  I almost didn’t bring my camera but was so glad that I did in the end.  Thankful to be able to capture so many moments! Just have to do a better job handing the camera off more.

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