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We Moved!

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We drove up to our new place on Saturday and spent the day unloading our things from the moving truck. I took hardly any photos of the move simply because I was busy helping unload the truck and unpack  boxes.  Sometimes there just isn’t time for photos, especially when there’s so… many more pressing things to do.   Sad though, since there were so many great moments of the kids. I felt like I was taking pictures in my head all day!

We are beyond grateful for my aunt Marilyn, uncle Gene and friend/cousin Debbie for helping us make the move possible.  We lived with my aunt and uncle for the last few months (and a few months before that).  They are truly incredible people! Those kind of amazing people that words just can’t really describe.  Such amazing, loving and generous hearts.  While living in someone else’s space for an extended period of time may not be the most ideal, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat since it created and strengthened the amazing relationship that I now have with my aunt and uncle. Life is all about relationships, so grateful for this relationship! We truly love and adore my aunt and uncle. As excited as I was about moving out into our own home, I was sad to leave their home as well.  One of those bitter sweet moments. I will miss them both dearly!  I’m going to have to get better at calling and messaging.

Thank you for driving the moving truck back and forth Gene!  And thank you for all that you both did to help us move, you are seriously amazing!  We truly couldn’t have made this move happen without you both.  Debbie, you know how awesome we think you are!  A total gem.  Beyond grateful to be able to call you a friend (a very close one at that).  We all adore you!

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