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A visit to the Goat Farm

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Last weekend I took the kids for a visit to my brother’s goat farm.  We all had a wonderful time with Barrie and Merel and all the goats.  Calvin could have cuddle the little goat he named “Calvin” all day long while the girls preferred to be working. Whether it was feeding the goats, moving the hay or filling the buckets with water, they were always ready for a job.  We went to the outdoor market at Caravan theatre for Mother’s Day.  We also took the kids swimming, went the playground and visited the Log Barn while we were there.  Thanks for a wonderful weekend Barrie and Merel!! Below is our attempt at a group selfie.

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Sonya - I love everything about this post. Every time I thought “This is my favorite picture,” then I’d scroll down to the next one and think the same thing. (I think I’m going to have to make a little trip to the goat farm myself!)

margeschellenberg - Shari.. I feel just like Sonya. What great pics and memories. Calvin looks like he belongs at the farm and watching the girls doing chores is so precious. I just love everything about goats. You did a great job on the selfie.

Mom - Those are some great pictures!! I am a little bit lonely on the goat farm and wish these little helpers were here to keep me company. 🙂

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