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Fairhaven and Whatcom Falls

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Today I spent the day just having quality time with the kids.  I always feel like I get a lot of time with Calvin and Lauren, but since Sarah is in school I often feel like she (and I) miss out on special time. In the morning I took the kids swimming for the twoonie swim at the MRC.  I learned that it as possible to take three kids swimming by myself and actually have fun and not feel stressed out.  We had such a great time! Once we got out of the pool the weather had cleared up so we headed to the states and had Mexican for lunch.  We then kept driving to Fairhaven (love that town).  When we got there we discovered that they were having Dirty Dan days (not even sure what that is), so there was lots going on in the streets.  The kids made wool felted dryer balls and visited booths for all kinds of loot.  After we were done in the town we drove to Boulevard park and the kids played on the Pirate playground for awhile.  It did end up raining while we were there, but it didn’t stop the kids.  After a bit the rain cleared and we played by the water and the kids pretended to put on a “Frozen” show.  To finish off the day we stopped at Whatcom Falls and walked along the big stone bridge to watch the falls. They’re actually really impressive; totally worth a visit if you’ve never been!

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boulevard park playground 2 900wThe kids loved pretending they were pirates at the Boulevard Park pirate playground!

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