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Miss Lenora, Storytelling through Photography

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I had a lovely day with my very lovely friend Rachelle and her lovely  little girl.  We have been talking about how to tell stories through our images.  How to take photos that are beautiful and composed, yet honest and capture the personality of our children.  Learning how to beautifully tell stories through a set of images is much more difficult than one may initially think.  Anyways, I was explaining my thought processes in how I do this and asked if I could take a quick series of images of her daughter to demonstrate how I would approach this in a very deliberate way.  Lenora was fascinated with the sand and kept doing the same thing over and over… can you tell what the story is?

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Love this kid!  Such a sweet personality, not to mention a total cutie!

Anyways, that’s my photo story. Hope you like it Rachelle.  Through the last couple of years I have been intentional about practicing the components of photo story telling, now it’s not big deal.   I’m actually quite systematic in how I go about it, I would rather not rely on luck.

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Rachelle - Lovely! Thank you Shari 🙂

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