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Lambs and Chicks

 Today I attempted taking some Easter/ spring photos of the kids.  We drove by a field with sheep in the afternoon so I stopped at the house and knocked at the door to see if I could come back to take photos of the kids.  The woman said yes and we agreed to come back around dinner time. After all, who knows how long the sunshine will stick around for.  The sheep ended up not being very cooperative so that was a bit of a bust, even though it was entertaining.  As we were walking out of the field the woman asked if we would like to try getting some photos with their chicks as well.  Why, yes of course we would!  The kids were delighted to hold the chicks!  It was a bit crazy, there were many moments where I thought Calvin would surely step on one.  Don’t be deceived by the photos, it definitely wasn’t all peaceful and charming.  I suppose I shouldn’t have mentioned that, but if you know our kids then you would just know that peaceful isn’t really a reality (very often).  Anyways, we had fun and are so grateful to the super nice family for letting us spend time with their animals.

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Marta - hah!! I think I recognize the farm.. I’m thinking of doing a farm animal themed first birthday party for my son, and I drove past this farm (I’m assuming it’s the same one, maybe not) about a week ago and saw the sheep and the red barn in the background and thought to myself “this would be the perfect place for a farm animal party!!!!” lol

Sonya - Absolutely adorable shots! And I really love the girls’ dresses!

everydaylittlemoments - That’s funny, it was on Downes road.

Marta - Yup! Same farm! 🙂

Elsie - You were brave to ask for permission to take pictures on a stranger’s farm! And it paid off. I LOVE your photos – you have such a great eye for capturing beauty and light.

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