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Beyond Snapshots 101

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I love my family, teaching and photography (and a lot of other stuff, but we’ll keep it to these three for now).  Since we moved and I stepped down from my position at the Moms with a Camera club, I’ve really missed the teaching aspect of my life.  I have been toying with the idea of teaching/ leading some kind of class this year, but nothing has felt just right.    I have had a lot of playdates throughout the last few weeks, all truly wonderful!  Photography came up in most of them and it wasn’t long before there was a common theme.  Most of these women really enjoy photography and all love their families.  Most of them have DSLR’s but found it difficult to pick up their cameras regularly and shoot daily life (but really wanted to).  Many were out of inspiration and just need that extra nudge.  I honestly heard this from almost everyone that I got together with, it was almost weird. This week it hit me.  I knew what I wanted to do.

Are you interested in taking photos that are more than just snapshots? Do you struggle with how to add life and emotion to your images? Are you looking for a way to create images that have more of an artistic feel to them? Do you struggle to find reasons to pick up your camera regularly? Do you enjoy photography but just need that extra push to take more purposeful images?

I am thrilled to be teaching/ hosting an online Photography workshop called “Beyond Snapshots 101.”

The Details:  Through six creative exercise/challenges (spanned over 6 weeks) , participants will learn and practice a variety of compositional techniques, ideas and concepts.  The challenges, while not related, are intended to work together to help equip you in a variety of shooting situations, bring focus to your weekly shooting and help develop the components to effective storytelling  through photography.  Each week we will focus on a different creative theme.  Every Wednesday evening an 8-12 page pdf will be emailed to participants.  The pdf will be a combination of text, images, technical and creative tips, etc.  Participants will be a part of a private facebook group where they are encouraged to post 1-3 images per week.  Peers are encouraged to give and receive critique throughout the 8 week period.  The challenges are primarily creative, therefore the workshop will not be going over how to shoot in manual exposure.  However, there will be technical tips when necessary.  Most of the challenges can be completed at home in your own time and/ or with your family.  Since the challenge is emailed out on Wednesday, there is also time to plan for weekend shooting  if necessary.  This is not intended to be a heavy course but rather a focused workshop of challenges.  The workshop will run from Wednesday April 9- May 14.

*I will not be providing critiques of the weekly images.  However, I will be available if you have any questions or need help trouble shooting an image/ shooting situation.  It is your choice if you complete the challenges or not, however the more effort that you put in the more that you will grow.

Cost: $25 (payable through paypal, send to dolcettodesigns@gmail.com or cash).  Since this is the first time that I have ever done this, I am offering a reduced rate.  Once your payment is received you will be emailed a workshop introduction/ welcome pdf.

Who the Workshop is for:  Anyone interested in photography, specifically hobbyists.  It is recommended that you have a DSLR camera and ideally a 50mm lens (but not a deal breaker if you don’t).  Due to the nature of this workshop, it can really be for anyone at any level.  Some of the challenges will be more basic, while others will be more advanced.  You do not need to have children to be a part of this workshop, just keep in mind that most of the challenges are aimed at photographing people.  Since the workshop will be done online, it doesn’t matter where you live.

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Rachelle - I would like to join this workshop because I need a little motivation and someone to help challenge me! And Shari ROCKS!

Rachelle - Super liked your Everyday Little Moments Facebook page 🙂

Rachelle - So posted!

bea - because it’s fun to learn with others! … and when i sign up for things i feel more motivated to actually have a “final image” 😉 and then i love it, and wonder why i don’t do it more regularly. so, that’s why!

bea - and does it count to unlike then re-like your facebook page??! 😉

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Jennifer M. - I would like to join this workshop because I miss going to Mom’s with a Camera and need some inspiration and advise about shooting on my own at home with the kids! Also Shari rocks 😉

Jennifer M. - Liked your page 🙂

Jennifer M. - Posted your blog!

Laura Abraham - I would love to be challenged to take more pictures and this seems like a good way to begin. Also with new little ones I want to capture (and remember) what life was like during these stages.
Facebook page liked and blog shared.

Susan - What a wonderful idea – I love how you are always ready and willing to share your knowledge of photography!

Alison - …I have missed Moms with a Camera and have been looking for something and have just found it. I can’t wait to sign up!

Melissa Toews - It’s great to be challenged, to be inspired by others and I want to keep learning and growing! 🙂

Melissa - I already like your page! 🙂

Joanne Haidle - I so excited to learn from Shari again. I have really missed being challenged at MWAC. This will be the next best thing now that I live a country away. I’m hoping to get a couple other friends in Nebraska to join me. 🙂
Double liked your facebook page and shared your blog post on my Facebook page. Thanks for this great opportunity!

Christy - I would love to join this workshop – love taking pictures, want to learn more about taking pictures, want a project to help me practice using manual mode. I think Shari is a great teacher on this topic!

Christy - I have liked your fb page for quite awhile already!!!!!

Christy - I posted this blog page to my fb! I declared it to the world! Well, at least to all my fb friends! 🙂

Sonja D - I can’t wait! I need something to keep me inspired and motivated 🙂

Sonja D - I was one of your first Facebook likes 🙂

Marcy - What a exciting opportunity to learn from an inspirational teacher! Having that extra little push and challenges is what I need right now in my photography. Looking forward to it 🙂

Marcy - Shared the link to my friends and told them how awesome you are 🙂

Marcy - Liked your page!!

carla neufeld - I need the boost to keep shooting!!

carla neufeld - I’ve already “liked” you for quite sometime!

carla neufeld - Shared!

cindy - highly recommended by Melissa Newbery! Can’t wait!!

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