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An Oma and Opa afternoon

After a great morning at church we ate a quick lunch at home and then headed to my Oma and Opa’s house for a little visit.  It’s so nostaligic to see all the classic blocks, games, puzzles and colouring books from when my cousins and I were kids.  The amazing thing is that the same simple toys still provide so much enjoyment for our kids today.  No bells or whistles needed. Sarah loved looking through the old colouring books to see past coloured sheets and “reading” which cousin coloured them and how old they were.  Even found a sheet that one of  my cousins and I coloured when I was 10, how cool is that! Sarah had to make sure that she coloured a sheet and included her name and age so that she could discover it later when she was an adult as well.  Love those reflective little moments.  These images are so precious to me.  This is just regular life, nothing out of the ordinary, yet so extraordinarily beautiful for the love and relationship that is reflected.

Photo credit for the above image goes to two year old Lauren.  Seriously, I don’t understand how she can take a photo as good as this.  Glad to have this shot, I love it!

This set of picture blocks has been around since I was little.  Was a favourite then and is a favourite now.

And then it was time to teach the kids how to play dominoes.  And of courage Oma’s cookies had to make an appearance!

Looking for the  best assortment of cookies… so many tins!

The photo of my Opa and the kids cracks me up. This is our reality.  I love how he’s always so understanding with the kids, always eager to see them and keen to have them sit on his lap. I’m so grateful that this man is my Opa!

Playing London Bridges with Oma.  I can just feel the love in this image, such a keeper!

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