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Birch Bay


Today we got back from spending two nights in Birch Bay.  We are so grateful for a connection to a family that owns a 2 bedroom townhouse in a complex right across from the water, making the little holiday super affordable.  My more than amazing cousin, Debbie, came along with the kids and I.  It was wonderful to be able to spend quality time with her, and it helps that the kids totally adore her (and vice versa). Apparently the beach can be fun even in the off season!  We looked for shells…and found a lot (easily), attempted to fly our kite, did a lot of swimming in the complex pool and hot tub, coloured and watched movies.  Not all day, every day was awesome (still tantrums and child issues), but there were plenty of wonderful moments that made the trip fun and very worthwhile.  A big thanks to Debbie for being so willing to take a turn with my camera to allow me to get in lots of shots as well!


Had to get a selfie photo with this lovely lady! So thankful for amazing friends!

Now, let’s go fly a kite…if only we had a little more wind…

We all really enjoyed the pool and hot tub!  We went swimming three times in two days and there was never anyone else around. Loved having the pool to ourselves!

Love these little stinkers!  These photos make me miss David so much that it hurts. Just feels like he should be in them, there’s this void that I can’t shake.  That’s a good thing though, our family isn’t complete unless we’re all together.  We all really felt it while we were away since we’ve never gone away on a holiday without him.  Just miss him so much!!  That said, it feels right to be making the most of our days even though he’s away. I’ve been trying really hard to see this time as an opportunity to create special mommy memories with the kids and enjoy the time rather than just counting down until it’s over.  I don’t want to live a life of waiting, I want there to be meaning and fun in our days.  God has a purpose for all of us in this, even me.

We hit up the library before we left for movies since there was no cable at the house.  So thankful for that!!  We also bought a box of new crayons and Debbie printed out colouring sheets for the kids (Frozen, Dora and Cars).  The kids were thrilled to say the least!!

On the way home today we stopped in Lynden and got some baked treats at the Dutch bakery and walked around the little town.  I love how the kids can even find the big wooden shoe exciting!


Sonya - Looks like so much fun! I’ve only been to Birch Bay once but I would go back in a heartbeat.

Barrie Voth - Great pictures Shari, lov ’em!

everydaylittlemoments - Thanks Barrie!

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