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Our little Beauty in the Snow

All of our kids love having their photo taken.  Lately,  everyone has been planning their photo times with me.  They love how it’s special time and we get to focus on them.  We plan where we’ll take the photos and what they’re going to wear.  I think it all started when I was spending more time taking my own self portraits.  Whatever the reason, they all have plans and are all excited.  The two older kids were jealous when I took Lauren’s two year photos and immediately wanted their turn. Sarah wanted snow photos, but didn’t know much more than that.  So I put together a pinterest board all about snow photography and had her look through it.  That was all it took for her to start planning a couple of ideas/ themes that she liked.  We wrote a wish list of items that would be great to have on hand and went thrift store shopping the last time we were in Abbotsford with Libby (plan and gather your items well ahead of time).  This is when we found this lovely furry blanket, as well as many of the coordinated items that the kids were wearing when we went to look for our Christmas tree.  Having an idea and a plan always makes things like this seem super easy.  All it took was a couple of minutes and we got some shots that we were really happy with.  I love how these images celebrate Sarah.  The reason that she loves having her photo taken is because she helps plan and dream up the idea.  I love how photography has become something that we share and enjoy together!


Sonja - These are gorgeous! I love what photography has become for you and your family!

Rebecca - Stunning. I think these are some of my favorites ever. These could win contests. Love you both so much.

Melissa - These are just lovely!! I adore the third one and how she’s looking down. 🙂 I’m going to have to be sure to come back here! Bookmarking you now. 🙂

everydaylittlemoments - Thanks so much Melissa! Thanks for visiting!

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