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Anna: Portrait Session

Meet my beautiful sister in law, Anna.  I have wanted to take photos of Anna for a very long time already.  I don’t say this to be creepy, but she is someone that I love and is very dear to me.  I have known Anna since she was in kindergarten (when David and I started dating); she is family.  I have had the incredible privilege of watching Anna grow from a little girl to an incredibly thoughtful, beautiful, generous and intelligent woman.  I could seriously go on and on about her.  Even though she will always kind of  be considered the baby of the family, she is nothing of the sort.  She is incredibly independent and has better street smarts than most adults that I know.  Seriously, she could navigate Vancouver public transit before she got to high school.

Anna, I am always in awe of your kindness and generosity towards others.  You are incredibly beautiful inside and out.  David and I are so proud of the woman that you have become!  We have stood by and proudly watched you graduate from Blanche MacDonald, get your drivers license and move out on your own.  It’s been a busy year for you.  You’re all grown up.  I am so beyond thankful to have you as my sister in law and thrilled that you are an aunt to Sarah, Calvin and Lauren. They all adore you, as do we!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture some of your beauty today.  It was wonderful to just spend time with you!  Looking forward to round 2!

There is an old barn belonging to Parks Canada that we had to make use of as well.  Even though it was cold, we had such a great time!

Love you Anna!

Anna - Beautiful Shari. I love looking at your photos, they are always amazing!

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