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Feeding the Birds

It definitely feels like winter here as the colder temperatures have set in.  The other day Sarah and I wanted to do a craft together. But with not much in the way of craft supplied, we had to get creative.  There was a bag of birdseed at the house when we moved in but no bird feeders. So we decided to make some treats for our feathered friends.  We made our own version of this recipe, combined with a couple of others since we didn’t have any gelatin. We don’t have any cookie cutters either, so we improvised again.  Sarah was thrilled to put the bird seed cakes together.  We let them harden up before putting them outside.

Sarah wasn’t in the mood to put them up in the end, so Calvin helped me out.  We’ve been loving having so many birds around the last couple of days.  So far there seems to be three different kinds of little birds and the usual quail.  We can see them easily from our front window, so it’s been a lot of bird watching these days.

Calvin never seems to care how cold it is, he’s always eager to get outside and be anyone’s helper.

A toy container also makes a great bird feeder.  There are usually 3-6 birds in this thing at any given time.  We’re going to run out of bird seed fast!  This little guy was pretty friendly. I actually took these photos with my 50mm lens, so there was no zooming from a distance and only a slight crop.


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