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Decorating our Christmas Tree

Last night we decorated our Christmas tree. What a perfect kind of day! First we had dinner in the living room while watching a Christmas Story.  I then brought out the candy/ orange dish, put the Christmas tunes on and we decorated the tree together. This was always one of my favourite traditions growing up, now it’s a part of our family’s traditions.

All of our decorations are in storage (just brought the mini lights).  So Calvin and I went to the Oliver thrift store and picked up a whole bag of decorations for about $8.  We got lots of balls and plastic little apples (felt that was fitting for this year).  I had bought a bunch of lace at the MCC store a few weeks back for another project and had tons of it left over.  I also had lots of fabric stiffener left over, so I stiffened up the lace to create a garland for the tree.  We got lots of those crocheted snowflakes from the thrift store as well, so we stiffened those up too.  I love how delicate and pretty the lace and snowflakes look!  This is our beyond cheap 2013 Christmas tree, all thrift and vintage!  I love it.  And the best part is, if an ornament gets broken, I won’t even care.  No material attachment; it feels good.

It’s really starting to feel like Christmas around here!  Right now the fire is burning, the tree is lit and there are soft snowflakes falling.  Pretty hard not to feel in the Christmas spirit!


Photo tip: to get those little starbursts on your Christmas tree photo, put your camera on a tripod (or steady position).  Close the aperture way down (about f/ 16) and make your shutter speed super slow (fraction of a second, waiting, waiting slow). Your ISO should be at about 300-600.  Turn off all the other lights in the house and take the photo. It will take a minute since the shutter speed is super slow.  Hope that makes sense.

Sonya - Love how your tree turned out! Oh, and thanks for the photography tip. 🙂

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