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Mandarin Orange Bowling: A Missed Moment

The other week I was contacted by a woman representing Dropcam.  They were looking for bloggers who had a story to tell about something that their kid(s) did at home while the parent(s) weren’t looking, essentially missed moments.  When she asked me if I had a story I couldn’t come up with anything.  And then a few days later, a missed moment occurred…

After having my morning shower, I came into the kitchen to find our three children bowling with mandarin oranges.  Seriously!?!  My first thought was, how did this happen?  My second thought was… “a missed moment.”  While I missed how this even transpired, I did capture the end of it.  While I don’t love these “out of control” moments, at least no harm was done.  I let the kids know that this kind of behaviour was normally not allowed, but we would make an exception just this once.  They were more than happy!

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