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14 Years Married!

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary!  Crazy how fast time goes by.  I realized recently that including our dating years, we’ve been together for more than half of my life, how wild is that!?!   Married life continues to be a journey, full of exciting experiences, challenges, and joy.  Life can be difficult; there is no one that I would rather be on this journey with.  Our memory bank of experiences already feels like it’s overflowing and we’re still so young (at least I think we are).  Children, travels, education, professions, faith, relationships, community and new adventures.  After all these years he still has the ability to take my breath away and make my heart skip a beat.  I know that I am loved beyond measure.  Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this man.

David, I am beyond grateful for you.  I adore you like no other and admire the man that you are.  You are loved!  I’m looking forward to all the great adventures in store for us and our family.  But even more than this, I’m looking forward to doing all the little bits of day to day life with you.   It is the combination of the big and small that make our life and marriage beautiful.  God has blessed us richly with each other.  I am so thankful for you.

*Photo credit to our little Miss Sarah

Sonya - Congratulations! You two are a wonderful couple and a shining example of how marriage should be. Wishing you many more beautiful years together.

Tiffany - Happy Anniversary! By the way I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog, do you think you could send me an email when you get this? Thanks! Tiffany

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