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Old Molson Ghost Town

On Sunday we headed to the states to check out the ghost town of Old Molson (about 25 minutes past the border).  There is no snow at home or over the border, however about 5 minutes before we got to the ghost town, the ground was white and there were snowflakes in the air.  We weren’t dressed for snow and  luckily had some hats and mitts in the car from a drive the day before (we were hoping for snow then but didn’t find much).  We had a great time checking out the old ghost town and the fresh blanket of snow only made it that much more mysterious and wonderful!  All the building are always open, dishes on the tables and everything (nothing is bolted down).  We were amazed at what great shape everything was in, and so interesting as well.  Great adventures with my cousins Debbie and Steven!

The kids were beyond thrilled to be able to play in the snow. What a winter wonderland it was!  Our kids adore Debbie, well we all do really.  She’s one of those amazing, almost too good to be true kind of people.  So blessed that she’s so much more than just my cousin, she’s an amazing friend!


We all loved the bank and printing press!  There is truly no better way to learn than to experience something first hand.  We loved the old bank windows, safe and typewriters.  What a great experience to step back in time and “experience” what life could have been like.

Had to get a portrait in the snow!  Thanks David.

Such good times, such a great day!

Sonya - Very cool! That’s just the kind of place our family would love to explore.

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