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He always wanted to be a Lumber Jack…

When David was a child he wanted to be a lumber jack when he grew up.  Well, he’s definitely not a lumber jack but he’s getting to experience some of those kinds of moments these days.  This afternoon, after David got home from work, we headed part way up the mountain to investigate this whole firewood situation further. Turns out you just have to print out a free permit and you can chop down as much wood as you want for personal use, as long as it’s on designated crown land.  The kids were excited to see snow, and only about 20 minutes from our place.  We didn’t dress for playing in the snow, but it was fun anyways. So we determined that we may supplement our firewood stock with the occasional wood gathering, however we’ll have to still buy a cord or two.  It’s just too difficult to cut, gather and haul it back to our place (all with 3 kids and a mini van).  Oh well, we had fun anyways.  Calvin was thrilled to eat the snow, funny kid.

So thankful for the beauty in the stillness.  Loved the quiet and untouched open wilderness.  Joyful heart.  I always feel that I can experience Christ in this these kinds of moments.  This is how Lauren looks when she says “cheese” in her sweet little whisper voice.  I never even taught her that, not sure where she would have picked it up. Oh well, pure sweetness she is.

We also saw this cute little pony wandering on the side of the road.  Seriously, just too cute.  There were a few horses just wandering around as well, Sarah totally loves all the “wild” horses.

Sonya - Beautiful photos. I also love the stillness of the woods.

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