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A Change of Plans…

This is hard to write, I’m not even sure what to write.  This past week David was in Nova Scotia to start his job, get acquainted with the area, find a home, etc.  In the end, we both felt that it wasn’t the right decision to make the move.  There is no need to get into details, it just wouldn’t have been the best fit for our family.  Therefore, David turned down the job.  As hard as it was to come to this decision, we know that it was better to figure this out before we moved than after.

So…what does this mean now?  We honestly don’t really know. We already sold and got rid of a lot of things.  Everything that we wanted to keep is packed up beyond tightly in a storage POD and is currently sitting in a Burnaby warehouse.  We have four suitcases of clothes with us and a few odds and ends, that’s it.  This has not been easy.

We are looking into going to the Southern Hemisphere in January or March (Aust or NZ) and are therefore trying to figure out a place to live for the next three months.  Ideally, this would be a small furnished home with minimal rent costs. I’m actually not feeling too bothered about living out of suitcases, I would just really love to know where “home” will be for the next while.  So much uncertainty is just not easy to deal with for long periods of time.

Please keep our family in your prayers and if you know of any great places where we could live for awhile, please let us know. Thank you to everyone for your loving thoughts, prayers and support. It’s much appreciated!!

Rudy Hiebert - It was as difficult to read this as well, realizing the effort and sacrifices you and your family have gone through make this change. Somehow though I know that what you have in experience, wisdom and life’s experience you will find the right place.

Dan Charlrton - Dear Saysomsack Family,

Sorry to hear that Nova Scotia didn’t work out. We will be praying for you and we hope that God will provide the right fit for your family.

All the best, and Good luck!

The Charltons

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