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MWAC Street Photography Day

On July 27 about 14 of us girls from MWAC (Moms with a Camera) went to Vancouver to challenge ourselves with street photography.  I continue to be amazed with this genre of photography as it’s all about capturing fleeting moments beautifully and capturing moments that would otherwise go unnoticed .  It’s also a wonderful practice of observation as it forces you to look for things that you would have likely missed if you weren’t looking intentionally.  It was awesome to go with a group of like minded women and see their take on similar experiences and settings.  It’s amazing how a group of people can be in the same situation but view something very different, whether it be different angles, details, perspectives, etc.  I came away feeling once again inspired and challenged. Yes, we got matching photograpHER shirts, it was just fun!  Here are a few favourite shots from the day.

I enjoyed spending some time with the ducks at Sun Yat Sen Garden in China Town.

I asked a group of girls if we could take their photos since they just looked awesome!  Turns out they were from Tacoma and were in Vancouver for a make up convention/ trade show.  Slowly starting to feel like I’m becoming more brave and overcoming my own insecurities when it comes to just going for it and approaching strangers.  I keep being reminded that it takes being intentional to really overcome our personal fears and issues, happy to be facing mine.

Normally I walk right past those that are begging and often busking for change.  Today I happily gave my coins, asked for permission and photographed a couple of people that likely live on the street.  This man’s talent was beautiful, the way that he almost became one with the accordion amazed me.  Everyone has a story, these images make me really wonder what those stories are.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…photography has really given me new eyes to see and appreciate the world around me. To slow down and see the beautiful details as well as the big pictures.  Taking time to practice street photography has actually given me a new appreciation for Vancouver and its people.  I’m thankful for that.


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